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"We help ease clients through their suffering in divorce and child custody legal battles."
~ Anthony M. Wright, Esq.


The Wright Law Offices was nominated one of the ten best divorce lawyers on Yelp. 

Contested vs. Uncontested

Child Custody

Child custody covers two main categories that every judge is supposed to address in a decree. 

Legal vs. Physical

Child Support

Since 2005 we’ve helped both resident and non-residents in receiving support. 

Clark County Child Support Calculation


Everything from child support to alimony may be modified with changed circumstances.

Post Divorce, Custody & More..
Introduction to TWLO

Our Las Vegas divorce and child custody clients appreciate us.

Family law in Las Vegas is our main legal focus.

Since 2005 when the matrimonial law firm opened its doors, we have always been “client-centric.” Anthony focuses on family law clients’ goals while keeping the clients’ budgets in mind as they suffer through the toughest trial of life, for child custody, support, or divorce. Family law is consider one of the most difficult areas of law, encompassing many other areas of law including constitutional law, contract law, criminal law, civil law, property law, business law, corporate law, law of evidence, conflicts of law, torts law, and estate planning law all while dealing with litigants who usually have very different opinions and who may not like each other much any more. ABOUT US

Our Areas of Practice

When dealing with a family law matter such as divorce, property division or child custody, you need a  family attorney on your side with a proven track record. While family law court orders are often modifiable, the courts tend to give deference to the past order. Therefore, getting it right the first time is important. With over 20 years of experience we’ve become specialized in the following areas:

A Las Vegas divorce lawyer should tell you about the two types of divorce and then guide you through one of the most difficult times in your life. 

Child custody covers two main categories that every judge is supposed to address in a decree or order.  Each category has subcategories.  

Child support is determined by the number of children you have, a percentage of your income, and adjustments made for such benefits as health insurance. 

There are two ways to dissolve a marriage in Nevada.  One way is through a divorce and the other is through an annulment.  

THIS IS A COMPLICATED AREA OF LAW – balancing constitutional rights of parents and children.  It is highly recommend that you consult an attorney.

People who suffer exposure and embarrassment in child custody or divorce court may wish to consider sealing their cases from prying public eyes. 

When the parents disagree over what school the child should go to, a court action may be the only way to resolve the conflict. 

Watch our short introduction to adoption in Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas Family lawyers enjoy assisting families with adoption in an otherwise dreary divorce court building.

To a limited extend, a decree of divorce may be modified to correct an obvious clerical error or to add an omitted community asset or debt. 

Child custody orders may be modified if significant evidence supports the best interests factors of the child. 

There are many reasons for name changes, most common being marriage or divorce, but the scope doesn’t end there. Watch our short video on name changes.

If you have a family member’s  birth certificate that must be corrected due to a mistake, contact The Wright Law Offices, PC for assistance.

Death Certificate mistakes can cause serious complications when trying to settle an estate or in dealing with other legal matters.

Watch our short introduction to surrogacy in Las Vegas, Nevada. This law firm has assisted intended parents in every phase of the surrogacy process.

The Wright Law Offices also assists clients with many other legal services outside of Family Law. See our other areas of law.

The Wright Law Offices

Why are we a highly rated Las Vegas family law firm?

If you Google “Las Vegas Divorce Attorney Anthony Wright” you may find many endorsements and high ratings across the Internet.

We have won this reputation by superior client service over many, many years. Someone described Anthony Wright’s client approach as like a country doctor making house calls to his patients.
The Wright Law Offices

What can prospective clients expect?

If you call or text this family law firm, you will likely be able to speak with the attorney fairly quickly.

If you have a quick question, phone consultations are free, but short.​ For an in-depth analysis, which most prospective clients need in order to make an informed decision about complicated family law matters, an hour-long consultation at the law firm is recommended. Unlike many family attorneys, Anthony takes into consideration the client’s schedule and budget, even offering free initial phone consultations. Divorce and custody cases can become very expensive very fast and clients should know what they face right from the start so they can get affordable legal help and plan for the future. We hold office hours from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm six days a week for family law matters, which allows most people to schedule consultations around work, school, and child care schedules. TWLO is the law offices open on Saturday. TWLO stands for “The Wright Law Offices.” We also handle other aspects of family law including name changes, record sealing, modifications of orders, and corrections of birth and death certificates.

To what extent you may need a lawyer is sometimes hard to know. This is why we start with a FREE phone consultation.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

A few weeks ago I was in need of legal advice. I found Mr. Wright on google and decided to seek his legal counsel. He was not only kind and helpful but he was also professional and knowledgeable in family law. I can honestly say that he is the first lawyer I have ever encountered that genuinely cared about a client’s case. I would recommend Mr. Wright to anyone in need of legal counsel.


Family Law Client

Anthony Wright has been incredible from the initial consultation all the way to my hearing. He is extremely intelligent, hardworking, focused and honest. Anthony assisted me in my child custody case of my newborn son. I am so grateful he worked so hard and showed he truly cared about my case. I highly recommend Anthony Wright, he’s worth every penny and more! He is beyond amazing. Thank you Anthony!!!


Child Custody Client

I have been a client of Mr. Wright for several years. I have been very impressed with his work, and I believe I was one of his first clients. He has done a great service for me and my young daughter, and all the while keeping the “family” unified in his casework. He is very intelligent, knowledgeable, and worth every penny invested. Keep in mind, he is only an attorney, and winning your case is the goal, or geting the best interest at the forefront, he does his very best. Thank you Mr. Wright.


Family Law Client