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Family Law

Family law in Nevada

Since 2005, The Wright Law Offices has served people all over the world in family law matters related to Nevada.   Despite many excellent lawyers living and working in Las Vegas, The Wright Law Offices was listed as a top ten firm on Thumbtack

Advocacy in family court includes sensibility and sensitivity to the many issues parents and children face during a major lifestyle change.  It requires a weighing of factors, including bests interests of all parties involved as they relate to emotions, family dynamics, finances, and property.

The firm was nominated and won many accolades for our service to clients over the years. Also, are you not sure on the level of legal advice you need? Take our free quiz which helps you assess what your legal needs maybe.

How to hire a good lawyer in Clark County, Nevada.

During emotional times, an attorney should bring reason to the table while working within the budget of the client.  In addition, an attorney should have empathy for his client and attempt to shoulder some of the emotional burden by being a zealous advocate so the client’s stress is reduced.

One thing to consider when going through a family dispute with an ex is, “do not trust the ex​.”  If you sign papers without legal counsel, you could be dooming yourself or your children to a lot of misery.  You may feel like you still love that person and that you can trust them, but your feelings are not necessarily their feelings.  Even if you both still love each other, if you do not know what you are doing, be careful.

Helping clients with family law problems includes counseling the client, negotiating with other attorneys, applying Nevada law to the client’s specific circumstances, and zealously advocating for the client in court.

If you have an issue related to your family that relates to the State of Nevada, you should contact an attorney in order to make an informed decision based on a full understanding of your rights.  We have assisted many people with simple, cost effective in-person or telephone consultations.

We have had the privilege of representing clients in Las Vegas, Henderson, across the United States, and all over the world.

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