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About TWLO

Our Las Vegas divorce and child custody clients appreciate us.

Family law in Las Vegas is our main legal focus.

Since 2005 when the matrimonial law firm opened its doors, we have always been “client-centric.”

Anthony focuses on family law clients’ goals while keeping the clients’ budgets in mind as they suffer through the toughest trial of life, for child custody, support, or divorce.

Family law is consider one of the most difficult areas of law, encompassing many other areas of law including constitutional law, contract law, criminal law, civil law, property law, business law, corporate law, law of evidence, conflicts of law, torts law, and estate planning law all while dealing with litigants who usually have very different opinions and who may not like each other much any more. 

Phone:      725-529-8956

Address:  1057 Whitney Ranch Dr. Suite 350

                 Henderson, Nevada 89014

Why are we a highly rated Las Vegas family law firm?

If you Google “Las Vegas Divorce Attorney Anthony Wright” you may find many endorsements and high ratings across the Internet.  

We have won this reputation by superior client service over many, many years.

Someone described Anthony Wright’s client approach as like a country doctor making house calls to his patients.

Affordable legal assistance when you need it

Unlike many family attorneys, Anthony takes into consideration the client’s schedule and budget, even offering free initial phone consultations.  

Divorce and custody cases can become very expensive very fast and clients should know what they face right from the start so they can get affordable legal help and plan for the future.

We hold office hours from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm six days a week for family law matters, which allows most people to schedule consultations around work, school, and child care schedules. TWLO is the law offices open on Saturday. TWLO stands for “The Wright Law Offices.”

We also handle other aspects of family law including name changes, record sealing, modifications of orders, and corrections of birth and death certificates.

Still one of the top lawyers and highly rated

Anthony Wright has the spirit of a teacher and takes the mystery out of the law so that the client can make informed decisions.

For this, Anthony has been positively reviewed by both clients and other lawyers. 

This website points to many examples of this with a page dedicated to educational legal videos and a podcast channel.  

What can prospective clients expect?

If you call or text this family law firm, you will likely be able to speak with the attorney fairly quickly. 

If you have a quick question, phone consultations are free, but short.

For an in-depth analysis, which most prospective clients need in order to make an informed decision about complicated family law matters, an hour-long consultation at the law firm is recommended. 

Before speaking to an attorney about your divorce or child custody matter, you should ensure you are communicating to the attorney from a device that is not linked or synced to a device that the other party to your dispute has. 

If you have a shared communication system you may be harming your own case if you relay confidential information to an attorney.

Confidentiality is extremely important. 

Divorce lawyers get to know a lot about their clients, and discretion with the information is critical. 

An attorney should not discuss any of your case with you until the attorney has done a conflicts check. 

We will never give advice without knowing both parties’ full names, at the very least.

What is it like to visit The Wright Law Offices?

Anthony Wright believes that good lawyers work to put their clients at ease with warmth, humor, seriousness, and whatever is called for so that the client can know that much of the burden will be carried by a trusted counselor.  

We strive to make our clients feel they are upper-most in our minds and our daily schedule. 

We respond to emails, texts, and phone calls as quickly as possible.

Sometimes so quickly that clients get spoiled, thinking all lawyers behave this way. 

They do not.

“Winning battles is important, but winning wars is more important. Pettiness is shallow emotion that is seen right through by competent jurists.”

~Anthony M. Wright

When you visit our suite on the third floor of The Plaza building, you will be buzzed in by reception upon identifying who you are. 

This is a security function put in place to protect our clients and ourselves from the mentally ill that so often are triggered in family law disputes to do harm to themselves and others.

Once you are admitted into the suite, you may have to sit for a few short minutes while the receptionist lets the attorney know you are here. 

The attorney, if he is in the building, will finish whatever is open, and either conduct you to the conference room or one of the offices to discuss your matters privately. 

You should be offered a beverage, but, if not, do not hesitate to ask as we often have a supply of sodas, waters, or coffee readily available.

At first, you may be a little nervous, uncertain how to proceed, or worried about judgment. 

This is not the time for those feelings. 

This is the time to realize that there is one person sitting in front of you that may be able to help you resolve some of the worst problems you will face in life.