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Relocation with Child

Child Relocation

If you have a child custody order in Nevada and you wish to move with your child from the State to another State or even a great distance within Nevada, you will have to either get written permission from the other parent, preferably in the form of a Stipulation and Order (see video below) or, if the other parent says “no,” get permission from the court following a trial or evidentiary hearing (expensive and stressful).  Because relocation cases are considered potentially very traumatic to the parent/child relationship, judges need to be convinced that the move is necessary for the parent and that the child’s best interests will be met.  Relocation necessarily results in a change of child custody.

THIS IS A COMPLICATED AREA OF LAW balancing constitutional rights of parents and children.  It is highly recommend that you consult an attorney.  If you relocate without the proper permission, you can be accused of withholding the child or children, or even worse accused and convicted of abduction of the child or children.

Videos to help explain this complicated area of law in Nevada

Factors in Nevada for Relocation of Child

Best Interests Factors for Child Custody in Nevada

Getting a good agreement with ex by Stipulation and Order

Withholding ChildĀ From Other Parent