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Seal Family Case

Seal divorce or child custody case

People who suffer exposure and embarrassment in child custody or divorce court may wish to consider sealing their cases from prying public eyes. Paternity cases are automatically sealed, other cases are not. Court process are subject to public scrutiny because our judges are elected and the transparency of their rulings should be open for the voting public to judge. However, if your case can hurt you, you can ask the court to have it sealed.  Read over our five reasons to seal below or listen to the video.

Below you will find the five reasons listed out from our video:

Five Reasons

  1. General FDFs: family courts require parties to file “financial disclosure forms” which means a future potential spouse can look up your divorce records to see how much you are worth
  2. Detailed FDFs: business owners may have to put on the record all kinds of information about their business, which competitors can find and evaluate
  3. Orders for Money: child support and alimony Orders are available and you may not wish people to know this information
  4. Orders for Custody: child custody Orders state which parent has the child, what the child’s name is, and when they have the child (including days and hours), where the child lives and goes to school, and where are the child exchanges
  5. Innocent Bystanders: many friends and family may be listed in your court documents as witnesses with their names, addresses, and phone numbers


From those listed, a reasonable person who normally thinks “I have nothing to hide” may see the value in protecting privacy.