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About Us

About The Wright Law Offices

Helping Nevadans Navigate the Legal System

At The Wright Law Offices, we know how it feels to be caught in the confusing web of the Nevadan courts. Nevada law controls nearly everything we do – but once a problem or dispute arises, the court’s only job is to resolve the dispute. The parties to the case are left to fend for themselves and figure out how to move through the system on their own.

Without question, choosing the right law firm is essential to obtaining the best possible results for your case. The Wright Law Offices’s proven track record of successful outcomes for our clients speaks for itself. Our fundamental approach is simple: Our professional, experienced, and results driven team of legal professionals focus on you, the client.

Our skilled and knowledgeable team knows what it takes to get you a successful resolution, and go the extra mile to protect your rights.

At The Wright Law Offices, we are dedicated to providing personalized, effective, and results driven representation, that puts our clients first.


Mr. Wright spent twenty years in Nevada schools, graduating at the top of his class in high school and in college in Las Vegas.  At university, he obtained a cum laude diploma in Real Estate Studies.  

Mr. Wright has also travelled throughout the United States and Europe, living in Switzerland prior to attending law school.  

In law school, at William S. Boyd in Las Vegas, he took property related courses in addition to family, criminal, and civil classes.  

Mr. Wright works and lives near Green Valley, Henderson at The Wright Law Offices (TWLO).

Anthony has completed many hours of continuing legal education.

He has argued before the Nevada Supreme Court, taken enumerable cases to trial, and testified to change divorce law in Nevada.